Tuesday, April 21, 2015
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Wisdom was once regarded as a subject worthy of rigorous scholarly inquiry in order to understand its nature and benefits; however until recently wisdom has been relatively overlooked as a topic for serious scholarly and scientific investigation. It is difficult to imagine a subject more central to the highest aspirations of being human.  The study of wisdom holds great promise for shedding light on and opening up new insights for human flourishing.

Supported with funding from the John Templeton Foundation, six research projects led by University of Chicago faculty, in collaboration with scientists at other institutions, will investigate big questions in the field that have the greatest potential of influencing research, education, policy and professions: What is the relationship between expertise and wisdom? How does experience increase wisdom? What is the relationship between cognitive, social and emotional processes in mediating wisdom?

As part of the Wisdom Research project, the Wisdom Research Network website features the latest news and publications on wisdom science, and encourages interdisciplinary discussions about how wisdom can play a role in the professions and in public life.

Live Webcast: Wisdom Research Forum, May 8, 2015
Join us through live, interactive webcast on May 8, 2015 to hear from leaders in a growing new field of wisdom science. This is a rare opportunity in which you may listen to several of the top researchers at a single venue share the latest developments of their work.
Minds “At Attention”: Mindfulness Training Curbs Attentional Lapses in Military Cohorts
Periods of persistent and intensive demands during predeployment training may compromise attention and increase off-task thinking. Can mindfulness training mitigate these deleterious effects and promote cognitive resilience in military cohorts?
We all have some wisdom. But what is it?
Our ability to quickly remember things declines in our latter years. But decades of life gives us something of extraordinary value – wisdom. UCSD professor and neuroscientist Dilip Jeste discusses wisdom as a focus of scientific study.
Acute Effects of Online Mind–Body Skills Training on Resilience, Mindfulness, and Empathy
Many health professionals suffer from burnout, which adversely affects the quality of care and threatens professionalism. Can online training in mind–body skills reduce stress, and improve mindfulness, empathy, and resilience in health professionals?
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