Saturday, July 30, 2016

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    Wisdom was once regarded as a subject worthy of rigorous scholarly inquiry in order to understand its nature and benefits. It is difficult to imagine a subject more central to the highest aspirations of being human. The study of wisdom holds great promise for shedding light on and opening up new insights for human flourishing.

    As part of the Center for Practical Wisdom, the  website features the latest news and publications on wisdom science, and encourages interdisciplinary discussions about how wisdom can play a role in the professions and in public life.

Conversations on Wisdom: Barry Schwartz

A discussion on teaching practical wisdom

Reminicence and anticipation

How a balanced time perspective predicts psychosocial strengths

Wise reasoning in the face of everyday life challenges

How stable vs. dynamic is wisdom in daily life?

Berthold Hoeckner, University of Chicago – Wisdom, Meditation and Ballet Too

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