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Wisdom Research Project Publications

A selection of publications produced by the Wisdom Research Project to date:

Costa, A., Foucart, A., Hayakawa, S., Aparici, M., Apestguia, J, Heafner, J, & Keysar, B. (2014). Your Morals Depend on your Language. PLoS One, 9(4): e94842. [link]

Costa, A & Keysar, B. (2014, June 20) Your morals depend on language [Interview]. Retrieved from http://www.onthemedia.org/story/your-morals-depend-language/

Dandan, T., Wenfu, L., Tianen, D., Nusbaum, H.C., Jiang, Q., & Qinglin. Z. (2013). Brain mechanisms of valuable scientific problem finding inspired by heuristic knowledge. Experimental Brain Research 228:4, 437-443. [link]

Decety, J. (2014). Social neuroscience meets philosophy: suffering, empathy, and moral cognition. In N. Palpan and R. M. Green (Eds), Suffering and Bioethics (pp. 89-105). New York: Oxford University Press, in press.

Decety, J. (2014). The neuroevolution of empathy and caring for others: Why it matters for morality. In J. Decety and Y. Christen (Eds). New Frontiers in Social Neuroscience (pp. 127-151). New York: Springer. [link]

Decety, J., & Cowell, J. M. (2014). The complex relation between morality and empathy. Trends in Cognitive Sciences, 18(7), 337-339. [link]

Decety, J., Smith, K., Norman, G. J., & Halpern, J. (2014). A social neuroscience perspective on clinical empathy. World Psychiatry, in press.

Gilpin, W.C. Modern Modes of Wisdom. Book manuscript in progress. (Chapters will include: I. Insight, II. Inner Dialogue, III. Metaphor, IV. Anthropomorphism, V. Irony, and Epilogue: Wisdom in a Secular Age.)

Gleichgerrcht, E., & Decety, J. (2013). Empathy in clinical practice: How individual dispositions, gender, and experience moderate empathic concern, burnout and emotional distress in physicians. PLoS ONE, 8(4): e61526. [link]

Gleichgerrcht, E., & Decety, J. (2014). The relationship between different facets of empathy, pain perception and compassion fatigue among physicians. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, epub ahead of print. [link]

Williams, P.B., Poljacik, G., Decety, J., & Nusbaum, H.C. (2014, June). Compassion language priming leads to increased sensitivity to others' pain. 2014 Mind and Life Institute Summer Research Institute, Garrison, NY. Poster >>

Williams, P.B., Kontra, C., Harden, H.L., Nusbaum, H.C., & Hoeckner, B. (2014, May). The association between wisdom and practice. Midwestern Psychological Association, Chicago, IL. Poster >>

Yoder, K. J., & Decety, J. (2014). The good, the bad, and the just: Justice sensitivity predicts neural response during moral evaluation of actions performed by others. The Journal of Neuroscience, 34(12), 4161-4166. [link]


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