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On this page you will find a collection of blogs and websites that pertain to wisdom research. While not all the links below represent projects contered on "wisdom," we find that their postings are often relevant to our project. If you are aware of other scholarly blogs and websites pertaining to wisdom research that might be of interest to our network, please do not hesitate to share them with us at wisdomwebsite@uchicago.edu.

Stephen S. Hall Blog

Science writer Stephen S. Hall, author of a recent popular book about wisdom, From Philosophy to Neuroscience, regularly posts about wisdom on his blog.

The Blog of Collective Intelligence

The Blog of Collective Intelligence defines collective intelligence as “the capacity of human communities to evolve towards higher order complexity and harmony, through such innovation mechanisms as differentiation and integration, competition and collaboration.” This blog presents its readers with political, economic, and cultural news regarding collaborative research, as well as publications and projects.


Brainethics is a blog devoted to analyzing the repercussions of current neuroscience research. It specifically seeks to understand two consequences of studies on the human brain. 1- Is “tinkering with the brain” in order to fix problems ethical? 2- How does our understanding of the human brain influence our perception of what it means to be a human? In short, the blog’s main premise is to discuss what effects modern neuroscience has on human nature.

Medical Humanities

This blog is focused on the topic of Medical Humanities. It is run by Daniel Goldberg, a medical humanities PhD student who is attempting to create a network of individuals and institutions interested in the topic. The blog is focused on literature review, medical humanities lexicon, and recent news and happenings in the medical humanities community.

Experimental Philosophy

Experimental Philosophy features news and research in philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and many other disciplines. Overall, it aims to answer questions about the way human beings think and feel. Experimental Philosophy encompasses a wide network of bloggers and researchers, including a few of our grantees.

Splintered Mind

Splintered Mind is a blog written by Eric Schwitzgebel, Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of California at Riverside. It provides his reflections on philosophy of psychology, including topics on sexuality, dreaming, cognition, psychological anthropology, and others. He also includes relevant theories, papers, encyclopedia entries, and links.


Neuroanthropology is written by Greg Downey and Daniel Lende (an anthropologist and a biological anthropologist). Neuroanthropology is a collaborative weblog created to encourage exchanges among anthropology, philosophy, social theory, and the brain sciences. They hope to explore the implications of new findings in the neurosciences for their understanding of culture, human development, and behaviour.

Cognitive Daily

Cognitive Daily reports nearly every day on fascinating peer-reviewed developments in cognition from the most respected scientists in the field. The research is explained in language that everyone can understand, with clear illustrations and references to the original research. Cognitive Daily is maintained by Dave Munger and Margaret P. Munger.

Mind Hacks

Mind Hacks (the book) is a collection of musings on the momemt-by-moment workings of our brain with a view to understanding what really makes us tick. On the accompanying blog, authors Tom and Matt post extra demos and commentary on how to look inside your brain using neuroscience and psychology.

Small Gray Matters

This blog offers commentary on recently published papers and ongoing debates in academic neuroscience.


Neurodudes is a blog that is intended to be an open forum at the intersection of neuroscience and artificial intelligence. Readers are encouraged to post appropriate material on this new and exciting topic.

The Wisdom Page

The Wisdom Page is a compilation of wisdom-related resources. The page organizes several different types of materials. This includes various on-line texts concerning wisdom, references to books about wisdom, information about organizations that promote wisdom, wise activities, and listserv groups concerned with aspects of wisdom.

The Wisdom-Centered Life

The Wisdon-Centered Life seeks to help people attain wisdom in their lives. They define a wise person as one who has attained profound insight into reality and makes the best possible choices. They seek to do this by offering information about wisdom, wisdom research, and the history of wisdom.



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