Neurobiology of wisdom article receives flurry of media attention

Our featured article "The Neurobiology of Wisdom: A Literature Overview," by Thomas W. Meeks and Dilip V. Jeste has generated much media attention in the past few weeks (Arch Gen Psychiatry. 2009;66(4):355-365). Here we list some of the articles and provide links to their full texts:

"Wired for wisdom: Two UCSD psychiatrists suggest a neurobiological model of sagacity" by Scott LaFee in the San Diego Unio Tribune. Read the article.

"Pathway to Wisdom May Be Found in Brain Circuitry: The common traits of wisdom appear to follow a universal path in the brain" in U.S. News. Read the article.

"Scientists 'discover' source of wisdom in the human brain" in Daily Mail. Read the article.
"Is wisdom in the brain?" by Jordan Lite in Scientific American. Read the article.
"Is There A Seat Of Wisdom In The Brain?" at Science Daily. Read the article.
"Where shall wisdom be found?" by Mary Brophy Marcus in USA Today. Read the article.
"Found: the brain’s centre of wisdom" by Jonathan Leake in Times Online. Read the article.
Photo by Gaetan Lee.

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