Wisdom is one virtue that improves with age

By Val Farmer | INFORUM

"There is one quality that improves with age. That quality happens to be a wonderful virtue. It is wisdom.

Wisdom encompasses other virtues.

Wisdom incorporates other virtues that are essential to happiness. A wise person will have embraced principles of love, service and concern for others as a part of one’s life. These are the essence of success in human relationships. A wise person will have learned that.

Also, a truly wise person governs his or her own life according to high standards of human conduct. Thus, being wise means having learned to be good. Not living by the truth one knows is to be a fool. Wise people have excellent character.

In wisdom, experience counts.

This is where age has an advantage. However, just living long isn’t enough to make a person wise. A person can have many experiences and still not learn much."

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