Current TV’s Network Science

 by Evan Lerner in Seed Magazine

"When Max Lugavere and Jason Silva met at the University of Miami, they were two young idealists who found common ground in film, psychology, and philosophy. But when Al Gore announced his plans to start a TV network powered by a worldwide legion of socially minded young people and their video cameras, the dynamic duo found their calling. After getting the network’s attention with their own documentary work, they’ve been consistent faces of the channel since August 2005, appearing every weekday at midnight as hosts of Current TV’s Max and Jason: Still Up.

Max and Jason act as curators of the networks’ prodigious video documentaries and tour-guides through topics as diverse as travel, development, education, and fashion. But the two couldn’t leave their shared perspective on science and the human condition behind. Their mantra is to show how understanding and appreciating the natural world—and the modern technology that reshapes it—can cross geographical, cultural, and religious divides. And by combining their own profiles of research institutions and non-profits with vignettes form videographers across the globe, they’ve put their philosophy into action.   

Seed editor Evan Lerner spoke with Max and Jason about their perspective on science communication and how the power of social networks is changing how individuals learn about the world around them..."

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