Georgia State University Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders Offers Wisdom Course for Middle School Students

By Michael Prolman

The Saturday School for Scholars and Leaders at Georgia State University provides educational opportunities for the enrichment and encouragement of gifted and talented children, K - 8th grade. This spring it is offering the “Introduction to Wisdom” course developed and taught by Michael Prolman, publisher of

Course Description: Learn how to make wise decisions, using a combination of logic, math, experience and intuition. Practice becoming the Eye of the Hurricane to improve making decisions under stress. Explore your family’s inherited wisdom; we will create and discuss a compilation of inherited wisdom unique to our class. Work in teams to create weighted rankings of important life choices. Other topics include: vicious and virtuous circles, deception and illusion, the 80/20 rule, 2x2 matrices and proverbs. Details about the course are at

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