Pathways to Character RFP - due April 15, 2017

Project Leaders: Frank J. Infurna (Arizona State University) and Eranda Jayawickreme (Wake Forest University)

We welcome proposals for the "Pathways to Character" funding initiative. This $2 million Request for Proposals (RFP) is aimed at empirical studies designed to focus on accurately conceptualizing and prospectively assessing growth in character strengths and virtues following adversity, challenge or failure. Proposals can request up to $250,000 (or $300,000 for multi-site projects) in total costs for projects not to exceed two years in duration. We expect to make 10 awards.

We invite proposals for innovative and conceptually relevant research projects that focus on the following Big Questions.

Is character growth following adversity, challenge, or failure possible?

Can we accurately conceptualize and prospectively assess character growth following adversity, challenge or failure and if so, how?

Interdisciplinary teams of psychologists working with faculty in other disciplines, especially philosophy or theology, are encouraged (but such proposals are not required).

Request for Proposals: Submissions due April 15, 2017

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