Wisdom & Virtue archive videos

The 'Defining Wisdom' and 'A New Science of Virtues' archive videos of presentations are now available to watch on the Wisdom Research YouTube channel!

Watch 5-10 minute presentations from meetings in 2009 & 2010 of wisdom and virtue researchers. These archive videos span topics and concepts across breath of fields including psychology presentations by Ute Kunzmann and Judith Gl├╝ck, the field of medicine presentations Lauris Kaldjian and Farr Curlin, in the field of law by John Pfaff, computer science's Ankur Gupta, on pharmacology by Susan Greenfield, and in philosophy presentations by Eddy Nahmias.

The 'Defining Wisdom' project and 'A New Science of Virtues' project were the nascent work for the Center for Practical Wisdom. The aim was to stimulate new distinctive scientific and scholarly contributions to wisdom and virtue research and to foster interdisciplinary collaboration while laying the foundation for a field of Wisdom and Virtue Science. These archive videos are one aspect of the framework for current ideas, concepts, and research in our continued work at the Center for Practical Wisdom.

While visiting the Wisdom Research YouTube channel, be sure to view our other playlists of research presentations from past Wisdom Research meetings in 2014/2015, 2016, 2017, and our original Conversations on Wisdom Video Series of interviews with key wisdom researchers such as Robert J Sternberg, Ursula Staudinger, Barry Schwartz, mindfulness researcher Richard Davidson, and many more!


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