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It's time for a website update! Thank you to everyone for their input and comments on the Center for Practical Wisdom website!

Based on your suggestions and preferences, we have some new changes happening on the Center for Practical Wisdom website. Keep an eye out in the coming months for a new look, new functionality, and better user access to wisdom related news, publications, opportunities, and events.

To improve networking, we will be relying on the networking professionals' platforms (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) for connecting one on one and throughout the wisdom community. You can find links to our social media at the top and bottom of every newsletter so be sure to click on your preferred networking platform and follow us!

We will be discontinuing the Wisdom Research Network profile pages from the website and focusing on the social media platforms for networking, but you will still receive the newsletter. If you would like the information from your personal research network profile page, be sure to save it to your personal computer before our migration to the new platform in the coming weeks!

Feel free to send us an email at wisdom@uchicago.edu if you have any questions about your profile!

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