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  • Bodiless Affect (2012)

    Mind and body have been reunited by the "affective turn" in philosophy and (neuro-) psychology. Yet, for centuries they have been painstakingly kept apart, for a specific reason. Methodologically, to find out about the world, apply justice or follow news, independent confirmation has always...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron C. de Weijze
  • Open-mindedness and Intellectual Humility (2012)

    Abstract: Among those who regard open-mindedness as a virtue, there is dispute over whether the trait is essentially an attitude toward particular beliefs or toward oneself as a believer. I defend William Hare’s account of open-mindedness as a first-order attitude toward one’s beliefs and critique Peter...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
  • "From Promised Land to Reconciled Cosmos: Paul's Translation of 'Worldview,' 'Worldstory,' and 'Worldperson'" (2011)

    Although in a selection of biblical and theological essays, my contribution is on Paul as a major contributor to the subsequent shape of western thought and society. The central puzzle of Paul's life is how this zealous Pharisee obsessed with land, city and temple never refers to them again (or only...
    (My publication) Posted by: Mark
  • Debate: To Nudge or Not to Nudge (2010)

    Daniel M. Hausman and Brynn Welch One of the hottest ideas in current policy debates is “libertarian paternalism,” the design of policies that push individuals toward better choices without limiting their liberty. In their recent book, Nudge, Richard Thaler and then Obama advisor (now head of the White...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
  • Wisdom: From Philosophy to Neuroscience (2010)

    Stephen S. Hall "A compelling investigation into one of our most coveted and cherished ideals, and the efforts of modern science to penetrate the mysterious nature of this timeless virtue. We all recognize wisdom, but defining it is more elusive. In this fascinating journey from philosophy to science...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
  • Going Green to be Seen: Status, Reputation, and Conspicuous Conservation (2010)

    Vladas Griskevicius, Joshua M. Tybur, Bram Van den Bergh Why do people purchase proenvironmental “green” products? We argue that buying such products can be construed as altruistic, since green products often cost more and are of lower quality than their conventional counterparts, but green goods benefit...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
  • The Freedom of Desire: Hegel's Response to Rousseau on the Problem of Civil Society (2010)

    Jeffrey Church The ever-growing body of literature on civil society can benefit from a return to the original theoretical articulation and defense of the concept in the work of G.W.F. Hegel. Specifically, this article suggests that Jean-Jacques Rousseau's influential critique of civil society remains...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
  • Nameless + harmless = blameless: When seemingly irrelevant factors influence judgment of (un)ethical behavior (2009)

    Francesca Gino, Lisa L. Shu and Max H. Bazerman People often make judgments about the ethicality of others’ behaviors and then decide how harshly to punish such behaviors. When they make these judgments and decisions, sometimes the victims of the unethical behavior are identifiable, and sometimes they...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
  • Distinguishing the Power of Agency from Agentic Power: A Note on Weber and the "Black Box" of Personal Agency (2009)

    Colin Campbell The concept of agency, although central to many sociological debates, has remained frustratingly elusive to pin down. This article is an attempt to open up what has been called the "black box" of personal agency by distinguishing clearly between two contrasting conceptions of...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
  • Public Intellectuality: Academies of Exhibition and the New Disciplinary Secession (2009)

    Patricia Mooney Nickel Painting in fin-de-siècle Vienna, like public intellectuality in fin-de-siècle America, was an act of portrayal at a time when artists then, like intellectuals today, composed in an environment characterized by rapid technological change, conservatism, and a government bureaucracy...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: nick stock
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