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  • Wisdom and the Origins of Moral Knowledge (2019)

    Abstract: Aristotle presents his Nicomachean Ethics and Politics as an ordered pair comprising political science (hê politikê epistêmê), suggesting an axiomatic structure of theorems that are demonstratively deduced from first principles. He holds that this systematic knowledge of ethical and legislative...
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  • Eudaimonia and Wisdom (2016)

    Abstract: Wisdom is an ancient concept that has been the subject of intense psychological investigation since the 1980s. In this chapter, we summarize major findings from several different approaches to studying this elusive concept, from early work focused on its psychometric location to more recent...
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  • Poignancy and Mediated Wisdom of Experience Narrative Impacts on Willingness to Accept Delayed Rewards (2016)

    Abstract: Research on the impact of eudaimonic narrative has begun to identify a variety of psychologically and socially important outcomes. In the present study, we conceptually and operationally distinguish three distinctive responses to eudaimonic narrative: moral elevation, being emotionally moved...
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  • Neural Correlates of the ‘Good Life’ (2013)

    Abstract: Eudaimonic well-being reflects traits concerned with personal growth, self-acceptance, purpose in life and autonomy (among others) and is a substantial predictor of life events, including health. Although interest in the aetiology of eudaimonic well-being has blossomed in recent years, little...
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  • Thoughts on Music and Wisdom

    By Berthold Hoeckner Last year a colleague asked me whether I thought that great composers were also wise people—an intriguing question that has been percolating ever since. After all, as a trained musicologist I have been involved in research on how such mental and somatic practices as diverse as mindfulness...
     Posted by: brendah
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