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  • The Dangers of Being an Empathetic Leader: Empathy on its own is not enough

    by Rasmus Hougaard and Jacqueline Carter, New Haven Register To enhance engagement, many leaders are told they need to be more empathetic. Empathy is the skill of understanding and recognizing others' feelings and perspectives. As a leader, that skill is obviously important. You cannot effectively...
     Posted by: jlmatelski
  • Leaders Seeking Wisdom Need An Ethical Dimension

    by Roger Trapp, Forbes Many people would perhaps not be surprised to learn that nearly three-quarters of business leaders had felt the need to take a professional decision that was at odds with their own ethical principles because of business pressures. What is more surprising is that fewer than half...
     Posted by: jlmatelski
  • ‘Happy Talk’ and the Dangers of Groupthink

    By Cass R. Sunstein and Reid Hastie, TIME Ideas Good managers are acutely aware of the benefits of information aggregation, and they know that role assignment can reduce the risk of “happy talk.” Happy talk occurs when group members say that all is going well and likely to go even better—that there is...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Institutional wisdom as a tool for effectiveness

    By Steve Goodrich, Center for Organizational Excellence, Federal Times Mature organizations are not necessarily old organizations, but they do share the characteristic of wisdom we often attribute to more experienced people. Wisdom is generally recognized as good problem-solving and decision-making through...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Do We Always Need Purpose?

    By Naveen Khajanchi, CEO & Director, NKH Foundation, INSEAD Knowledge Regain control by better understanding your inner “purpose”. Like most executives, I travel a lot. This can mean a lot of planning, anxiety, frustration and tiredness. In the past, I would return from a trip in a bad mood, having...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Wisdom 2015 : Call for Contributions for an Edited Book: Practical Wisdom in the Age of Technology

    Submission Deadline Apr 15, 2014, 1-2 pages, double-spaced Notification Due May 15, 2014 Final Version Due Jul 30, 2014 Title of Book: Practical Wisdom in the Age of Technology: Insights, Issues and Questions for a New Millennium Publisher: Gower Publishing UK Series: The Practical Wisdom in Leadership...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Approaching Power with Humility and Wisdom

    Understanding the impact that winning and power has on your brain and behavior by Michael Hogan, Psychology Today Excerpt: Most of us know of the genius of Pablo Picasso, the Spanish painter, sculptor, printmaker, and ceramicist who revolutionized art in the opening decades of the 20th century. But few...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Measuring Humility and Its Positive Effects

    By Don Emerson Davis, Jr., and Joshua N. Hook, Observer Over a decade ago, the positive psychology movement encouraged the discipline to examine the possibility that it had focused too much on problem-focused stories and research questions, while ignoring the positive features that made life worth living...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Wise Leadership - Professors Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka

    Cited by Deans Talk, A Discussion on Management Education , Harvard Business Review sat down with Hitotsubashi ICS Professor Emeritus Ikujiro Nonaka and former Hitotsubashi ICS dean Hirotaka Takeuchi (now professor at HBS) to talk about what it means to be a leader who does what is right not only for...
     Posted by: brendah
  • The Collected Wisdom of Great Leadership Gurus

    By Harvey Schachter The Globe and Mail , 12/1/2010 Lao Tzu, Freud, Elizabeth I, and Marx are an unlikely quartet of leadership gurus. But they are a sample of an eclectic group of writers and leaders whose words are captured in Harvard University professor Barbara Kellerman’s compilation Leadership:...
     Posted by: Anna Gomberg
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  • Are we ready for wisdom in health care?

    By Margaret Plews-Ogan, MD, MS and Gene Beyt, MD, MS It seems that there could not be a better place for wisdom to take hold than in health care. What profession is more in need of making wise choices than one trusted with people’s lives? What organizations are more in need of wisdom than those charged...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Why Isn’t ‘Servant Leadership’ More Prevalent?

    By James L. Heskett, Baker Foundation Professor, Emeritus at the Graduate School of Business Administration, Harvard University Servant leadership is an age-old concept, a term loosely used to suggest that a leader's primary role is to serve others, especially employees. I witnessed a practical example...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Can we recognize the wise by the greater good they create?

    Recognizing the Wise in Contemporary Acts of the Greater Good Inspired by a desire to win back public confidence and trust, values that were lost in a mudslide of financial scandals, swindles, and corporate greed, students from the 2009 graduating class of Harvard Business School wrote the MBA Oath....
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Responding  Phronetically to Organisational Savantism

    The recently concluded Pittsburgh Summit at which world leaders called for better global governance over financial trading and the preceding UN climate summit at which Ban Ki-moon warned that failure to agree on fighting global warming would be morally inexcusable might be seen optimistically as the...
     Posted by: wattawa
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