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  • Development of Relational Wisdom and Happiness in Late Adulthood (2017)

    Excerpt: The field of adult development and aging has focused primarily on the issue of well-being of the older adult (Lamb & Freund, 2010; Overton, 2010). Two central issues related to well-being are wisdom and happiness. It is generally assumes that wisdom and happiness increase with age, but this...
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  • Wisdom: A Culturally Inclusive Developmental Perspective (2002)

    This study examines cross-cultural age-related patterns of two modes of wisdom : the analytical (i.e., Knowledge Database, Abstract Reasoning), and the synthetic (i.e., Reflective Understanding, Emotional Empathy, and Emotional Regulation). A total of 68 American and 68 Japanese community-dwelling adults...
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  • Toward a Culturally Inclusive Understanding of Wisdom: Historical Roots in the East and West (2000)

    To establish a clearer definition of wisdom as a psychological concept, Western and Eastern historical literatures were reviewed and assessed within a general analytical/synthetic framework. In the West, either in an ancient Egyptian, biblical, or philosophical sense, wisdom had been often identified...
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  • The Concept of Wisdom: A Cross-cultural Comparison (2000)

    To examine the meaning of wisdom cross-culturally American, Australian, Indian, and Japanese samples judged the similarity of seven personality descriptors: "aged," "awakened," "discreet," "experienced," "intuitive," "knowledgeable," and "wise...
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