Empirical Assessment of a Three-Dimensional Wisdom Scale

Ardelt, M. (2003). Empirical assessment of a three-dimensional wisdom scale. Research on Aging, 25(3): 275-324.

Although wisdom is thought to be a strong predictor for many attributes of aging well, the concept of wisdom still lacks a comprehensive, directly testable scale. Quantitative and qualitative interviews with a.sample of 180 older adults (age 52-plus) were conducted to develop a three-dimensional wisdom scale (3D-WS) and to test its validity and reliability. Wisdom was operationalized and measured as a latent variable with cognitive, reflective, and affective effect indicators. Respondents completed a self-administered questionnaire, which included 114 items from existing scales and 18 newly developed items to assess the three dimensions of wisdom. The final version of the 3D-WS consists of 14 items for the cognitive, 12 for the reflective, and 13 for the affective component of wisdom. Results indicate that the 3D-WS can be considered a reliable and valid instrument and a promising measure of the latent variable wisdom in large, standardized surveys of older populations.

Read the article: Ardelt, M. (2003).  Empirical assessment of a three-dimensional wisdom scale. Research on Aging, 25(3): 275-324.

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  • aloke1968 said:

    Wisdom = Knowledge + Desire. Desire = Need - Knowledge of Self - Unbiased Reasoning.

    Wisdom Definition: Wisdom is the process of dynamic correlations among knowledge, and desire quanta to generate new knowledge, and desire quanta, that in turn generates new propositions as priori, or, counterbalanced, or self-presenting to have 'true belief de re' to enable belief without sufficient evidence or dis-belief with sufficient evidence.


    June 19, 2015 6:01 AM
  • News said:

    By Jean Matelski Boulware Monika Ardelt, PhD is an Associate Professor of Sociology in the Department

    November 5, 2015 3:04 PM
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