Practical wisdom and the development of cross-cultural knowledge management

European Journal of International Management, Volume 4, Number 4 / 2010

Practical wisdom and the development of cross-cultural knowledge management: a global leadership perspective

By David J. Pauleen, David Rooney, and Nigel J. Holden 

Abstract: This paper responds to calls for pragmatic context-dependent cross-cultural scholarship. Specifically, with regard to global organisations, we attempt to reconcile the imbalance between global and local concerns by proposing a framework that merges a new understanding of culture with a classical leadership approach. The objective is to achieve more effective cross-cultural practice. The article makes the case for an appreciation of what we call 'cross-cultural knowledge management' and the role of wisdom in global business leadership in a modern culturally diverse knowledge economy.

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(Something interesting I found)Posted:Oct 01 2010, 12:00 AM by Anna Gomberg
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