Transdisciplinary analogy: a combined approach to creative problem-solving and wisdom development for leaders

Journal of the Japan Creativity Society

As people working in organizations rise through the managerial ranks, the less important specialized knowledge is, and the more important wisdom becomes in order to guide knowledge workers. However, there are few methodologies that purport to develop wiser leaders. This paper will propose an approach to wisdom for leaders through the habitual use of transdisciplinary analogy (TDA), a creative problem-solving process. The author, a former Synectics consultant, developed this methodology while working at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, where he applied it to solve many corporate challenges, one of which he describes here in a case study. However, this paper will also describe how TDA can be used to develop leaders with a ‚Äúprofessional generalist‚ÄĚ mindset who can understand and utilize concepts from any field of human endeavor to help gain deeper insights and make wiser decisions for organizations.

(My publication)Posted:Feb 28 2013, 09:00 AM by youngsage
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