Management wisdom in perspective: Are you virtuous enough to succeed in volatile times?

Intezari, A., & Pauleen D. J. (2014). Management wisdom in perspective: Are you virtuous enough to succeed in volatile times? Journal of Business Ethics, 120(3), 393-404.

This paper presents findings from a grounded research project investigating the question, what is the relationship between wisdom and management decision making? In one of the first empirical studies investigating wisdom and management, thirty-seven New Zealand managers and executives were interviewed to examine their perceptions on the relationship between wisdom and decision making. The results suggest that wise decision making results from an iterative and integrated process of decision making and reflection. Specifically, to consistently make wise decisions, decision makers must integrate awareness of self and others and cognition and emotion to achieve a multi-perspective consideration that is aided by a continuous learning process based on internal and external reflection on their own and stakeholders’ values and interests. An emergent theory of Praxio-Reflexive Integrated Decision Making is introduced. The implications of this study are significant as it broadens the academic view of the practicability of wisdom in management and adds greater understanding of the role of reflexivity and learning in wise decision making. For practitioners engaged in management decision making, or in management training programs, developing decision making abilities in situ must be considered an integral learning praxis, one which management school and organizational training programs might well consider fostering.

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