Remaking Ourselves

Again, the tactic here is to acquire more objectivity and to transcend the influences of the highly subjective schematic ‘lens’ by creating psychological distance from automatic, reactive conceptualization. Through objectification, we learn to observe and analyze how we think, what we feel, how we react, and understand better how our biases and egotistical conceit influence everything we believe, say or do. In addition, since we understand better how our thoughts and feelings are fluid and relative, they lose their autocratic importance that they once had when we were subjectively absorbed in them. We learn there is not a substantial ‘me,’ but only my ongoing experience of life that I interpret and narrate, in which all experiences pass, no matter how painful or how wonderful. We come to understand that with the subject/object dichotomy if we attach and cling to the egotistical and static ‘I’, the correspondingly ‘me’, ‘mine’ objects must be created andcraved for. Through the right understanding, we more surely and easily accept the process of disidentification and transcending the ‘I/me’.

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