Suffering and the Intelligence of Love in The Teaching Life: In Light and In Darkness

Steel, S., & Homeniuk, A. Suffering and the Intelligence of Love in the Teaching Life In Light and In Darkness.

This book shares insights drawn from the diverse voices of public school teachers, community outreach education workers, professors, writers, poets, artists, and musicians on suffering in school and the classroom. Teachers speak about their own encounters with and perceptions from suffering using critical-analytic textual works, as well as first-hand personally reflective accounts. By sharing their stories and reflections, the editors and contributors shed light upon the dark areas that often are not addressed in Teacher Training Programs, and that generally remain unaddressed and unacknowledged even as teachers become well-established as professionals in the field of education.

(My publication)Posted:Mar 01 2019, 12:00 AM by sdsteel
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