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  • What is Reality? (2017)

    Truth is One , although people call it by many names. The world’s religions honor prophets, messengers and/or incarnations: Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and others throughout the ages. They all sought to bring people closer to the divine. In the mystical tradition of religions, we can directly...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Mystic viewpoints (2017)

    There are matters which are important within most religions’ orthodoxy, to their leaders and to many followers, but are viewed differently by mystics. Mysticism often interprets them based on their effects in aiding or impeding search for union with the divine. Evil and Deliverance : Many orthodox religions...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Our different worlds (2017)

    Every person lives in different worlds at various phases of their life. Our feelings, conceptions and perceptions may vary in each of those worlds. Parents look at many situations unlike their children; a reversal of their own much earlier experiences. In youth we saw things from simpler points of view...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Mysticism is not ... (2017)

    Many people, including some leaders of Western religions, think that mysticism is either nonsense, heretical or both. They are only partially correct, may just misunderstand, or refuse to accept it. Mysticism is non-sense; the experiences of mystics can neither be perceived nor measured. The empirical...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Reality is One (2017)

    Divine Reality is infinitely here and eternally now , not within the spatial or temporal constraints of earthly realities. No words can ever describe ultimate Reality, yet a single word might suffice: One . Some people call it omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent; some mystics speak of the One* underlying...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Looking beyond (2017)

    The divine is in you; you are not as yet in the divine. The greatest achievement in life is living in the infinite and eternal within us. Seeking the absolute and ultimate—the mystical quest—is a part of everyone’s life, still we seldom consciously and actively participate in it. You must truly believe...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • What's in a Word? in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism (2016)

    The word God, as used in English, is Allah in Arabic, Brahman in Sanskrit and ha-Shem (the Name) in Hebrew. God is Theos in Greek, the first written language of the New Testament. Nirvana in Buddhist Sanskrit can also mean absolute Truth: ultimate Reality. Comparative religions use BCE or CE, Common...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Quotations of Mystics (1 of 9) (2012)

    This is a series of 115 quotations of prominent mystics, including 23 each of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. They highlight common views, although their terms may differ. . “One Nature, perfect and pervading, circulates in all natures. One Reality, all-comprehensive, contains within...
    (My publication) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Quotations of Mystics (6 of 9) (2011)

    Mysticism / Development of Spiritual Consciousness , by Evelyn Underhill (published currently by CreateSpace 1911, 2011): . “All that is not One must ever suffer with the wound of Absence, and whoever in Love’s city enters, finds but room for One and, but in Oneness, Union.” Jami I . “Whatever share...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
  • Quotations of Mystics (5 of 9) (2006)

    The Life Divine , by Sri Aurobindo (published by E.P. Dutton & Co. 1949, 2006: H . “The divine soul will be aware of all variation of being, consciousness, will and delight as the outflowing, the extension, the diffusion of that self-concentrated Unity developing itself, not into difference and division...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: Ron Krumpos
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