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  • Planting Seeds of Wisdom Part 1: Can Parents Teach Wisdom?

    By Debbie Curtis Do children grow into wise adults because we adults planted the seeds of wisdom in childhood? Just as Mother Nature unlocks the potential in each flower seedling to produce colorful blooms, can wise parents unlock the infinite potential within each child to blossom in beautiful and unique...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Thoughts on Music and Wisdom

    By Berthold Hoeckner Last year a colleague asked me whether I thought that great composers were also wise people—an intriguing question that has been percolating ever since. After all, as a trained musicologist I have been involved in research on how such mental and somatic practices as diverse as mindfulness...
     Posted by: brendah
  • Can Practice Make You Wiser?

    By Howard C. Nusbaum A psychiatrist once told me that it is possible to reduce the symptoms of anxiety without medication or long therapy. In short, you cannot be anxious if you breathe slowly and regularly and do not tense your muscles. When you are anxious, the "natural" response to the feeling...
     Posted by: brendah
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