Bruce Lloyd

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Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management

London South Bank University

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Bruce spent over 20 years in industry and finance before joining the academic world a decade ago to help establish the Management Centre at what is now London South Bank University. He has a Degree in Chemical Engineering; a MSc (Economics) / MBA from the London Business School and a PhD (by published work) for his work on 'The Future of Offices and Office Work: Implications for Organisational Strategy'. He was a member of the CMI Advisory Board for its project on 'Leadership: A Challenge for All' and a subsequent study specifically concerned with leadership issues in the public sector.
Since the late 1960's he has written extensively on a wide range of strategy related issues, including articles exploring the link between Leadership, Power and Responsibility and, more recently, the relationship between Leadership, Wisdom, Knowledge Management and Organisational Performance. He has undertaken over 30 interviews on leadership for LODJ, as well others for 'The Tomorrow Project Bulletin'. He was also the UK co-ordinator for ACUNU 'The Millennium Project' 1999-2005.

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London South Bank University

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Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management

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