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Born, Montreal, 1945. Ph.D., (philosophy) UBC 1974; Books: Book of Miriam, (1997, Oakville Ont: Mosaic Press); Enlightenment East & West (1994, Albany: SUNY); How To Build A Conscious Machine (1989, Boulder Co: Westview); The Silence of the Mystic (1983, Toronto Ont: Philosophers in Canada. Recent Articles: "An Interview With LA Universal Self" Sophia 45 1 2006 79-93; "Compositional science and religious philosophy" Religious Studies 41: 125-143, 2005; "Evens and Odds in Newtonian Collision Mechanics" British Journal for Philosophy of Science 56, 2005, 179-188; "Universal Self Consciousness mysticism and the physical completeness principle" International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 55: 1-29, 2004; "Mystical naturalism" Religious Studies 38: 317-338, 2002; "A Physical Model of Zeno's Dichotomy" British Journal for Philosophy of Science, 52 2001, 347-358.

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