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For over twenty-five years I have been a physician, entrepreneur, inventor and innovator. In my work, I have striven to combine scientific rigor with creative forward-looking product development and design, while being an articulate, accomplished leader and team builder. I excel at generating novel, useful solutions by cross-pollinating between silos of domain expertise and preventing enculturation. My career experience has ranged from the practice of medicine to co-founding venture capital backed startups to senior management at one of the largest population health management companies, as well as strategic consulting, and serving as an editor-at-large for a medical peer-reviewed journal.

Most recently, I cofounded VIZI Health Solutions, a digital health startup that helps disparate care teams communicate and collaborate on a unified cloud-based platform to better serve patients on their journey from the hospital back home. VIZI operates at the confluence of the most current and disruptive dynamics in healthcare: the shift to value based payment models, digital health solutions, and post-acute care transitions.

Before that, I served as a senior fellow at a DC area think tank and policy center, with a focus on healthcare reform, digital health, and the emerging pandemic of chronic illnesses. I also started my own “think | do” tank, dedicated to promoting the study, development, and implementation of creativity, insight, mindfulness and wisdom. I’ve written and lectured on those topics extensively. I have several US and foreign patents, have held board certification in both internal medicine and radiology and maintain a license to practice medicine.

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