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Introduction: Born in Kenosha, Wisconsin in 1939. Moved to the Chicago area to study and work in 1957. U.S. Army from 1963 to 1966 in New Jersey. Married Rose Kimura and relocated to California in 1970.

Personal: The only "Ron Krumpos" on the Internet; aka Roland Krumpos and, in my ebook on comparative mysticism, R.D. Krumpos. 25 trips to Asia, 21 to Europe, four to the Middle East, and extensive travel in North America. Visited 45 countries, returning three or more times to 25 of them. We usually flew in first class and stayed at the best hotels in each city at no cost to us. Now we have to pay.

Occupation: Very active retirement, after a career in sales management for international airlines and luxury hotels. Rose was a flight attendant for Northwest Airlines for nine years and had 30 years with Neiman Marcus. She attended LACC and College of Marin, graduating with a degree in retail management. Our photo was taken in 2009.

Northwest Airlines - Sales Representative
Travcoa Luxury Tours - Sales/Tour Manager
Thai Airways International- Sales Development Manager
Mandarin Oriental Hotels - Director of Sales-North America
The Stanford Court Hotel - Director of Sales & Marketing
The Beverly Wilshire Hotel - Director of Marketing
S&M Research - Managing Director

Northwestern University - Philosophy
Lucknow University - Philosophy
University of Wisconsin-Madison - Philosophy

Places lived:
Evanston, IL
Madison, WI
Lucknow (India)
Fort Dix, NJ
Chicago, IL
San Francisco, CA
Bangkok (Thailand)
Los Angeles, CA

Relationship: Married
Gender: Male
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My ebook on comparative mysticism

Asia: Japan*, Korea, Taiwan*, Hong Kong*, Philippines*, Brunei, Cambodia, Thailand*, Singapore*, Malaysia, Indonesia*, Sri Lanka, Nepal*, India*, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel*, and Lebanon*.

Europe: England*, Denmark*, Sweden*, Netherlands, Belgium, France*, Germany*, Switzerland*, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Italy*, Greece*, Cyprus*, and Turkey*. Africa: Egypt*.

North America: Canada*, USA (39 states), Mexico*, Guatemala, Jamaica, and the Bahamas.

Recent Publications
The grand excuse
“The devil made me do it.” Whether this is said tongue-in-cheek, or by a believer in satanic influences, it is still the grand excuse . Too many people attempt to blame someone else for their own troubles or lack of personal achievement. If you want to...
Discard, abandon and realize
Krumpos, R. (2017) Few words are totally adequate when writing about mysticism. These essays say that you must discard your ego and abandon your individuality to realize the divine. What does that mean and is it possible? There may be better verbs, but let us just examine...
Finding the soul
Krumpos, R. (2017) Many people sought their soul, their true self, their innermost being. Most others, of course, have not even tried. Mystics, when beginning their quest, searched to no avail until they accepted that it is here and now. It was so obvious that they had...
A little of this, a little of that
Krumpos, R. (2017) Too many devotees jump from one religion to another, alternate from going it alone to studying with a spiritual teacher, and/or move from one guru to the next in search of the one true way. There is no “one true way”; there are now about seven billion...
A divine formula?
Krumpos, R. (2017) Albert Einstein revolutionized physics with his Special Theory of Relativity. His formula, E=mc², states that energy equals mass at the speed of light squared. Perhaps we can reinterpret that formula to help clarify the correlation between divine Essence...
Upside down
Krumpos, R. (2017) An “upside” of this life might be a “downside” for mysticism. Some ideals that many people were taught are to be independent, to gain self-confidence and be self-sufficient. Yet, the very independence of our individuality, augmented with assuredness and...
Love and knowledge
Krumpos, R. (2017) Seekers of spiritual knowledge might ask, “What’s love got to do with it?” Devotees of devotion reply, “Divine love is everything.” In mystical “marriage,” divine union, you can’t have one without the other. Divine Love and divine Truth are One in divine...
Feel good - do good
Krumpos, R. (2017) When we feel good—healthy, happy, successful—we are then more likely to do good for other people. Similarly, when we do good for others it frequently makes us feel good. That should not be the primary reason for helping, even if it often is an aftereffect...
Some differences
Krumpos, R. (2017) Mystics’ experiences may be quite similar, still their techniques and interpretations varied. Reading about mysticism in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, the Kabbalah of Judaism, and Sufism of Islam you will find many differences. In this life, people...
The big picture
Krumpos, R. (2017) We often bring our own baggage to this life’s experiences and are so concerned with how we appear that we cannot clearly observe what is directly in front of us, nor what is happening all around us. Some call this tunnel vision; mystics call it spiritual...
120 Quotations of Mystics
Krumpos, R. (2017) These are 120 quotations of some prominent mystics, including 24 each of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. They highlight common views, although their terminology may differ. Orthodox Spirituality , by a Monk of the Eastern Church...
The divine is not...
Krumpos, R. (2017) Scriptures, theologians and many religious leaders tell us what the divine is by listing grandiose attributes. Most mystics worship personal aspects of the divine, but they also speak of what it is not. Many of them said that the divine essence is nothing...
What is Reality?
Truth is One , although people call it by many names. The world’s religions honor prophets, messengers and/or incarnations: Krishna, Moses, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, and others throughout the ages. They all sought to bring people closer to the divine....
Mystic viewpoints
There are matters which are important within most religions’ orthodoxy, to their leaders and to many followers, but are viewed differently by mystics. Mysticism often interprets them based on their effects in aiding or impeding search for union with the...
Our different worlds
Every person lives in different worlds at various phases of their life. Our feelings, conceptions and perceptions may vary in each of those worlds. Parents look at many situations unlike their children; a reversal of their own much earlier experiences...
Mysticism is not ...
Many people, including some leaders of Western religions, think that mysticism is either nonsense, heretical or both. They are only partially correct, may just misunderstand, or refuse to accept it. Mysticism is non-sense; the experiences of mystics can...
Reality is One
Divine Reality is infinitely here and eternally now , not within the spatial or temporal constraints of earthly realities. No words can ever describe ultimate Reality, yet a single word might suffice: One . Some people call it omniscient, omnipotent and...
Wisdom About Money
It is wise to save or invest at least 10% of your income. We have enough money when we can fulfill our needs. We never have enough money to fulfill all our desires.
The Art of Listening
While student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1961, I became friends with Carl Rogers, who was as one of the leading psychotherapists of the 20th century. He taught me much about the art of listening. Dr. Rogers said that when we listen, and...
The Greatest Achievement in Life
the greatest achievement in life The greatest achievement in life? Living in conscious oneness of ultimate reality (called by many names), found in Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Kabbalah, Sufi, and comparative mysticism...
Looking beyond
Krumpos, R. (2017) The divine is in you; you are not as yet in the divine. The greatest achievement in life is living in the infinite and eternal within us. Seeking the absolute and ultimate—the mystical quest—is a part of everyone’s life, still we seldom consciously and...
What's in a Word? in Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism
The word God, as used in English, is Allah in Arabic, Brahman in Sanskrit and ha-Shem (the Name) in Hebrew. God is Theos in Greek, the first written language of the New Testament. Nirvana in Buddhist Sanskrit can also mean absolute Truth: ultimate Reality...
Quotations of Mystics (1 of 9)
This is a series of 115 quotations of prominent mystics, including 23 each of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism. They highlight common views, although their terms may differ. . “One Nature, perfect and pervading, circulates in all natures...
Quotations of Mystics (6 of 9)
Mysticism / Development of Spiritual Consciousness , by Evelyn Underhill (published currently by CreateSpace 1911, 2011): . “All that is not One must ever suffer with the wound of Absence, and whoever in Love’s city enters, finds but room for One and...
Quotations of Mystics (5 of 9)
The Life Divine , by Sri Aurobindo (published by E.P. Dutton & Co. 1949, 2006: H . “The divine soul will be aware of all variation of being, consciousness, will and delight as the outflowing, the extension, the diffusion of that self-concentrated...
Mysticism Defined for Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism
Oxford Dictionary of World Religions , edited by John Bowker (published by Oxford University Press 1997, 2005): . Mysticism. “The practices and often systems of thought which arise from and conduce toward mystical experience. Mystical systems are distinguished...
Quotations of Mystics (4 of 9)
The Perennial Philosophy , by Aldous Huxley (published by HarperCollins 1944, 2004): . “Supreme, beyond the power of speech to express, Brahman may yet be apprehended by the eye of pure illumination. Pure, absolute and eternal Reality: such is Brahman...
Quotations of Mystics (8 of 9)
The Roots of Christian Mysticism , by Oliver Clement (published by New City Publications 1982, 1995): C . “You alone have been made in the image of the Reality that transcends all understanding, the likeness of imperishable beauty, the imprint of true...
15 Quotations of Mystics (9 of 9)
History of Mysticism by S. Abhayananda [Stan Trout] (published by Atma Books 1987, 1996): . “He who is escaping from God flees to himself; he who escapes from his own mind flees to the Mind of the universe, confessing that all things of the human mind...
Quotations of Mystics (3 of 9)
Mysticism in World Religions , by Sidney Spencer (published by Penguin Books 1963, 1971) . “At the goal, the soul is filled with and enveloped in the love of God. It is indistinguishable from God...all thought of lover, love and the beloved is absent...
Quotations of Mystics (7 of 9)
Mysticism in the World’s Religions , by Geoffrey Parrinder (published by Oneworld Publications 1976, 1996): . “The One, the most precious, the Infinite, came down to earth; I did not despise his descent as Guru who appeared in grace.” Manikka Vachakar...
Quotations of Mystics (2 of 9)
Orthodox Spirituality , by a Monk of the Eastern Church (published by St. Vladimir Seminary Press 1945, 1987): . “...essential foundations of Orthodox spirituality. The aim of man’s life is union with God (henosis) and deification (theosis). The Greek...
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