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Dr. Andrew Stricker serves Air University by helping to design, develop, and implement advanced and emerging learning environments into Air Force educational and professional military education programs. Prior to his arrival to Air University Andrew served Vanderbilt University as Associate Provost for Innovation Through Technology. He was responsible for working with academic, technology and administrative leaders to prioritize, plan and execute enabling innovations for improving learning, teaching and research. His graduate work in human learning and development was conducted at Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas and Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. 

Recent Publications
Values-Based Network Leadership in an Interconnected World
Stricker, A., Westhauser, T., Sheets, T., Hawkins-Scribner, T., & Calongne, C. (2017). Values-based network leadership in an interconnected world, The Journal of Values-Based Leadership, 11 (1) This paper describes values-based network leadership conceptually aligned to systems science, principles of networks, moral and ethical development, and connectivism. Values-based network leadership places importance on a leader's repertoire of skills...
Positive education of stoic warriors as reflective practitioners in the profession of arms
Stricker, A., Arenas, F., Westhauser, T, & Hawkins-Scribner, T. (2017). Positive education of stoic warriors as reflective practitioners in the profession of arms. Reflective Practice, 18(1). This paper traces connections between Stoicism and Positive Psychology for helping to inform and guide the education of warriors in the Profession of Arms. Peterson and Seligman advocate six core virtues and associated character strengths, which the authors...
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