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Mark Abraham came to America as a foreign student in 1973. Determined to identify the hidden causes of perpetual human conflicts, he learned English as his third language and acquired two degrees in international politics by 1982. Not finding his answers there, he devoted his post-graduate studies to studying philosophy and psychology, he hoped that he might find some hints there, but in vain.
However, in this process, Mark realized that all the thinkers, being so fascinated by human intellect and reasoning, had studied humans almost exclusively from the standpoint of intellect alone. Yet it is human's blind and blinding instincts that drive every aspect of human conduct. Ignoring this mental element in studying humans has created a missing link and this is responsible for most of the persisting human enigmas. The three instincts of aggression, sexuality and the maternal instinct are universally accepted. Mark has identified 14 more instincts each of which drives a particular mode of human behavior. Although his research was aimed at identifying the hidden causes of perpetual human conflict, the study unveiled a great deal more.
Mark prides himself in his pioneering and findings, some of which are sampled below:
• The human mind is bit a single polar entity consisting of intellect and reasoning ability, but it bipolar and consists of instincts and intellect.
• He has learned that instincts by nature are unchanging, unchangeable, stagnant, one-dimensional and primitive by nature, as compared to intellect that is multidimensional, dynamic and grows exponentially in time.
• The contrasting natures of the progressing intellect and stagnant instincts have resulted in a growing imbalance in the mind. The profound implications of this in our personal and professional lives individually, and in the future of human civilization collectively, cannot be exaggerated.
• Humans’ stagnant instincts impair their intelligence. Peoples’ real intelligence far exceeds their applied intelligence commonly known as (wisdom.) Through cognitive therapy people can be educated to defuse the contradictions between their instincts and intellect to boost their intelligence and even increase the ambient human intelligence worldwide with relative ease.
Observing the human mind as bipolar entity obviates that, all human affairs divide into two distinct categories, behavior and achievement. Our behavior is driven mostly by our unchanging instincts, while our achievements are accomplished through our progressing intellect. This mental imbalance irrefutably manifests itself in human's uneven social evolution. In that, our behavior largely remains unchanged as humans continue to cheat, lie, steal, kill and fight wars as our distanced ancestors did millennia past, but our scientific and technological achievements advance in leaps and bounds. This uneven human progress poses a great danger against the future of human civilization.
Mark has also found that the primitive instinct is a drag on humans’ growing intellect. In that, our blinding instincts blur our reasoning faculty, distort our decision-making and lead all of us to repeated unjustifiable mistakes. Mark has published his studies in six books and has written many articles. Mark founded a company, Happiness in Wisdom, LLC., that offers an online personality and behavior assessment test through that measures the strength of clients’ instincts and reports how they impact their lives. Mark’s passion for this subject has driven him to devote 25 years of his postgraduate studies to this subject. He has applied for a patent on the concept and the means and ways of measuring the strength of instincts. Understanding this concept enables one to consciously manage this unconscious mental trend, boost one’s intelligence and render it fully functional.
Using this understanding of how the mind works, Mark also has written four screenplays that he will start marketing them after he gets the current projects out of the way. They are: 1) The Man Who Attended His Own Funeral, 2) The Birth of a Giant, 3) The New World Order I, and 4) The New World Order II.
Mark invented an item in 1987, the patent number, 4,647,102. Then, he founded, MECO Manufacturing Comp., which produced and distributed this product. He has also been in the corporate environment for much of his adult life.

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