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District 214 / Hersey

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I have been teaching English for twenty-three years. This year I hope to pilot a course in neurohumanities. I plan to form interdisciplinary bridges to study books such as Salinger's Catcher in the Rye as a means to understand depression from a literary and from a brain science perspective. I also hope that this critical approach leads to emotional calibration, to catharsis, to healing - maybe to wisdom.

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District 214 / Hersey

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English Teacher

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Master of Arts - Northwestern / University of Chicago

Research Interests

Education. Following Martha Nussbaum's assertions in Cultivating Humanity and Michael Sandel's arguments in Justice,
I hope to understand with more depth how and why the classics and the history of ideas might take a central role in public deliberations. How and why in the midst of so much money and so much technology will the best ideas thrive in public schools? What is the role of the wisdom in public education - too much newness??? Too much profit???

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