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Yiannis Laouris is a social and business entrepreneur, a neuroscientist and systems engineer, currently working as Senior Scientist and Chair of the Cyprus Neuroscience and Technology Institute (www.cnti.org.cy) and Future Worlds Center (www.futureworlds.eu). Dr. Laouris is founding member and elected Secretary General of the Cyprus Society for Systemic Studies, member of the Board of the Institute for 21st Century Agoras and member of the Board of a number of high-tech companies. His team, comprising of 20 full-time scientists and many volunteers and interns, focuses at projects at the interface of science and society. He represents Cyprus in pan-European networks such as several COST Actions, Insafe, Inhope, EU Kids online, etc. Laouris is medical graduate of the Leipzig University, Germany, completed a PhD in Neurophysiology at the Karl-Ludwig Institute (with summa cum laude) and an MS in Systems and Industrial Engineering at the University of Arizona (GPA 4.0). For over 15 years, he applied linear and non-linear digital processing to biological signals from experimental animals to study facilitation and depression of small circuits of the brain in German and US universities. In the 90’s he founded CYBER Kids (www.cyber-kids.com), a chain of franchised computer learning centers, which introduced IT in the lives of over 15,000 children and 10,000 adults in Cyprus. CYBER Kids expanded in 7 countries and received numerous prestigious awards including the First Award for Creativity and innovation of the Employers and Industrialists Federation. Laouris promotes the application of broadband technologies and structured dialogue as tools to bridge the digital; economic educational and inter-personal divides in our planet. He pioneered in the application of the Structured Dialogic Design process (SDD) in the Cyprus and the Middle East peace movement and in many pan-European networks; his work was published in several books and many scientific papers and was honored with numerous awards. For the past 5 years, his group is concerned with the development of systems to enable scaling up a participatory dialogic processes to engage asynchronously thousands of participants in meaningful authentic dialogues, thus accelerating institutional and societal change. Laouris has published over 50 papers in peered reviewed journals, half of which in neuroscience, a quarter in applied systems science and peace, and the rest in IT-children and neuroscience of learning. He contributed chapters in about 20 books and made over 130 conference papers and presentations.

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