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Mr. Jones is concurrently the Chairman and CEO of The Sunyata Group — a group of For-Profit and Non-Profit organizations. The Sunyata Group optimizes individual and organization value, performance, wellness, and contribution. It initiates, analyzes, designs, develops, supports, and/or delivers programs, projects, consultations, services, and products to address extinction-level issues and problems such as — global climate change, pandemics, warfare, famine, obesity, potable water shortage, aging populations, energy crises, ecosystem degradation, pollution, etc. The Sunyata Group GEOS initiative currently addresses strategic planning for starting Green Economy businesses; strategic planning for converting existing businesses to Green Economy businesses; strategic planning for establishing Green Economy supply chains; development of Whole Systems Design-based Green Economy business ecologies, public policy, and informatics resources; and integrating the wisdom and practices of Indigenous Peoples into the infrastructure of the Green Economy.

Mr. Jones is a Master “Systems Architect” and “Strategic Thinking Partner” senior consultant who serves as a strategic business integration partner, senior strategic planning expert, program manager, contract executive, and public speaker. He has over twenty-five years experience serving in leadership capacities (CEO / Executive VP / Corporate VP / CIO / CTO / CTA / Chief Architect / Senior Manager / Chair / Vice Chair / . . . ) in business, non-profit, and elected and/or appointed positions, including five years fulltime experience serving at a senior executive level — CEO / Executive VP / Corporate VP / CIO / CTO / CTA — in organizations with annual budgets of $100M or greater. He has managed annual overall organization budgets of up to $128M, with $20M discretionary budget authority.

Mr. Jones’ educational background includes: a M.S. degree in Management from Antioch University - Seattle (1996); a B.A. degree in Systems Analysis from Western Washington University (1978); and over 2500 additional hours of technical, management, executive, and community capacity-building training; 2300+ hours sports-specific training; 3000+ hours of sports coaching experience — including coach certification; and seven years sports officiating experience — including referee certification.

Mr. Jones is a Dharma leader and spiritual teacher — focused on the cultivation of wisdom, compassion, and skillful means in everyday life. He has been a Buddhist spiritual practitioner since 1966. Mr. Jones was initially baptized Catholic and deeply studied standard Church Doctrine and Christian Scripture — and was introduced to material from the Gnostic Gospels and the “Q” Gospel. In an effort to achieve greater understanding and compassion of people, particularly in terms of what caused them pain and suffering and hope, Mr. Jones has explored Vedic Scriptures, the Torah, the Talmud, The Zohar texts, the Koran, Greek philosophy, Taoism, Confucianism, modern philosophy, and modern psychology. These religious and philosophical studies have helped him to work more effectively across cultural boundaries. He has also lived in intentional communities for a total of twelve years — five years of which were in a 7x24 residential community.

Mr. Jones' research interests are in exploring the: "Practices and Science of Compassion"; identifying and cultivating "Multiple Intelligences using a 3-Order Framework"; and application of insights and scientific principles and methods used in elite sports training to the domain of Wisdom Training.

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