Henry Andersen


Meiji University

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Professor of Global Leadership, Innovation and Marketing Practice
Meiji University's Graduate School of Global Business (Tokyo, Japan)

- business innovation consultant with Synectics, Inc., working globally with Fortune 500 clients
- before that, marketing and strategic planning executive with companies like Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Sony Pictures, Scott Paper and Young & Rubicam, while based in the US, Japan, Brazil, the UK, France and the Netherlands.
- started career as newscaster and journalist

AB, Harvard
MS, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism
MBA, INSEAD (France)

Recent Publications
Transdisciplinary analogy: a combined approach to creative problem-solving and wisdom development for leaders
Journal of the Japan Creativity Society As people working in organizations rise through the managerial ranks, the less important specialized knowledge is, and the more important wisdom becomes in order to guide knowledge workers. However, there are few methodologies that purport to develop...
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