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  • Tea, Shortbread, and 3 Things Worth Knowing

    By Shawkat M. Toorawa, The Chronicle of Higher Education "Then I saw the crystal poet / Leaning on the old sea-rail; / In his *** lay death, the lover, / In his head, the nightingale." I cited those lines in an introductory course I taught last year, one that attracts potential Near Eastern...
     Posted by: Anna Gomberg
  • Wisdom of the Fool's Choice

    by Philip Ball from Nature News "Medieval monarchies might not have had many things to recommend them compared with liberal democracies, but here's one: our rulers have no Fools. How often now will a national leader employ someone to laugh at their folly and remind them of bitter truths? More...
     Posted by: nick stock
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  • Learning: An evolutionary analysis (2009)

    J oanna S wann " This paper draws on the philosophy of Karl Popper to present a descriptive evolutionary epistemology that offers philosophical solutions to the following related problems: 'What happens when learning takes place?' and 'What happens in human learning?' It provides...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: wattawa
  • Learning Across the Campus: How College Facilitates the Development of Wisdom (2004)

    by Scott C. Brown This article provides a theoretical framework and model that explores: wisdom, a multidimensional construct that connects a number of desired learning outcomes; how wisdom develops; and, how college contributes to this process. Read the full article
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: wattawa
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