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  • Can a Brain Scan Predict Your Behavior Better Than You Can?

    By Andrew Moseman | Discover Magazine "It would be an advertiser’s dream: knowing the exact location in your brain that indicates whether an ad has worked, and whether you intend to buy that cat food or wear that suntan lotion. Now, some researchers claim they’ve found a region which might predict...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Brain Wars

    By Dave Munger | Seed Magazine "Every morning around 9 or 10, I take a break from my work and do an online crossword puzzle. I’ve gotten pretty good at them: I can solve almost any puzzle without asking the computer for extra hints. I can even complete the extra-hard “Sunday Challenge” most of the...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • The Expanding Mind

    By Pete Estep | Seed Magazine "Scarcely a decade has passed since scientists painstakingly sequenced the first bacterial genome, yet today automated human genome sequencing is becoming routine, heralding a new era of medicine. Replacement tissues and even organs can now be grown from a patient’s...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • A Weird View of Human Nature Skews Psychologists' Studies

    By Dan Jones "Suppose you're a psychologist at a research university, trying to figure out what drives human behavior. You have devised simple, clever experiments in which people play economic games or perceive visual illusions, and you would like large sample sizes. How will you find subjects...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Questionable Answers

    By Dave Munger in SEED "Women married to wealthier men say they experience more orgasms. People who say they watch more TV are more likely to die sooner. People who say they got more vaccines are more likely to say they got sick after getting them. People who say they eat more fish are more likely...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Why It's Hard To Learn New Things As We Get Older

    By Ricardo DeAratanha from The Los Angeles Times "Why does our capacity to pick up skills like playing instruments or learning languages, to remember where we put our keys and a thousand other things, get poorer and poorer as we age? A study just published in the Journal of Neurscience suggests...
     Posted by: Cait
  • A Conversation With Aniruddh D. Patel, Exploring Music’s Hold on the Mind

    By Claudia Dreifus from The New York Times " Three years ago, when Oxford University Press published “Music, Language, and the Brain,” Oliver Sacks described it as “a major synthesis that will be indispensable to neuroscientists.” The author of that volume, Aniruddh D. Patel, a 44-year-old senior...
     Posted by: Cait
  • Agatha Christie and Nuns Tell a Tale of Alzheimer's

    By Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich , npr.org "If you've ever kept a journal, you've probably worried about someone coming across it and getting an uninvited peek into your personal life. But the daily traces we leave behind in our writings – more and more in today's world of emails,...
     Posted by: Anna Gomberg
  • Carol Dweck's Attitude: It's Not About How Smart You Are

    By David Glenn from The Chronicle of Higher Education "That's one tiny way in which Dweck's theories might change higher education. But she also has grander hopes. Colleges could improve their students' learning, she says, if they relentlessly encouraged them to think about their mental...
     Posted by: Cait
  • Picking Our Brains: Nine Neural Frontiers

    From NewScientist. "The human brain is the most astoundingly complex structure in the known universe. Yet we are starting to unravel some of its mysteries, thanks to advances in brain imaging, genetics, stem cell research and more. We explore the latest findings from the hottest topics in neuroscience...
     Posted by: Cait
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