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  • On Wisdom, Language, and Attention: An interview with Howard Nusbaum

    By Charles Cassidy, Evidence-Based Wisdom (EBW) Howard Nusbaum is Professor of Psychology at the University of Chicago and Director of The Center for Practical Wisdom. He is also the Director of The Division of Behavioral and Cognitive Sciences at the National Science Foundation. Whilst Co-director of...
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  • Character education: teaching through subjects

    by Catherine Murray, Schools Week Dr Tom Harrison, Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues, University of Birmingham What have you been working on? The Teaching Character Through Subjects publication and programme of activities – funded by one of 12 character grants handed out by the Department for...
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  • A positive role for failure in virtue education (2017)

    Abstract: This article outlines a role for constructive failures in virtue education. Some failures can be catastrophic and push the agent toward vice, but other types of failure can have positive consequences, we’ll call these failures constructive failures, failures that help on the road to virtue...
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  • Strengths of Character and Virtues: What We Know and What We Still Want to Learn (2017)

    Chapter excerpt: The new field of positive psychology has refocused scientific attention on character, unabashedly calling it one of the pillars of this new field and central to the understanding of the psychological good life (Seligman & Csikszenmihalyi, 2000). Among the pillars of positive psychology...
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  • Moral Psychology Volume 5: Virtue and Character (2017)

    Overview: Philosophers have discussed virtue and character since Socrates, but many traditional views have been challenged by recent findings in psychology and neuroscience. This fifth volume of Moral Psychology grows out of this new wave of interdisciplinary work on virtue, vice, and character. It offers...
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  • Strengths among Contemporary Teenagers: A Comparative Study (2017)

    Abstract: Male and female are two indispensible wheels of a chariot, thus both complement each other and this is a fact that without any one of them, it is just impossible to imagine the smooth continuation of the journey of life. India is a country where women were worshiped as Goddess. Though the society...
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  • Emotions, Character, and Associationist Psychology (2017)

    Abstract: Emotions are pivotal in the manifestation and functioning of character traits. Traits such as virtues and vices involve emotions in diverse but connected ways. Some virtues (justice, generosity, compassion, truthfulness) are exemplified, in important part, by feeling emotions. Others (self...
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  • From Knowledge to Wisdom: Science and the Good Life (2016)

    Abstract: Various scientific disciplines, from sociology and economics to neuroscience and psychology, have devised innovative and empirical methods for assessing subjective states of happiness and well-being, providing intriguing new clues about our complex nature and what fosters a happy and meaningful...
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  • Review of Poetic Ethics in Proverbs: Wisdom Literature and the Shaping of the Moral Self (2016)

    Excerpt : Anne W. Stewart's Poetic Ethics in Proverbs argues that the moral world of the book of Proverbs is much more complex than has previously been assumed. Proverb's pedagogical aim is character formation, including the whole person - their intellect, emotion, desire, and imagination. The...
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  • Implementing character education program through music and integrated activities in early childhood settings in Taiwan (2016)

    Abstract: This study explores the efficacy of using musical activities to enhance the character aspect of education of preschoolers in a Taiwanese school setting. The Taiwanese educational authority stipulates that character development activities should focus on the core values of caring, respect, courage...
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  • The virtue gap in humor: Exploring benevolent and corrective humor (2016)

    Abstract: The recent emergence of positive psychology gave rise to the idea to conceptualize humor from a “good character” perspective. Present constructs, however, show a “virtue gap,” and the two concepts of benevolent and corrective humor were developed to fill this gap. The former describes a humorous...
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  • Sailing the “Seven C’s” of Leadership (2016)

    Abstract: Nurses are increasingly being called upon to lead changes within health care. How do nurses and, in particular, school nurses become leaders? School nurses lead daily in their work but often do not recognize themselves as leaders. The “Five C’s of Leadership”—character, commitment, connectedness...
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