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  • You Know More than You Think

    By Jack Soll and Richard Larrick from Scientific American. "There is an old saying that two heads are better than one. This saying received empirical support in social psychology in the 1920s, when a series of studies showed that groups were more accurate than their individual members. In an early...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Mindless Collectives Better at Rational Decision-Making Than Brainy Individuals

    By: Charles Q. Choi from Scientific American "Humans often make irrational choices when faced with challenging decisions. Ant colonies, however, can make perfectly rational selections when confronted by tough dilemmas. This isn't because lone ants are especially knowledgeable—they're not...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Ants and Neurons

    Insect colonies offer insight into the mysterious conversations of neurons, illuminating how billions of individual brain cells work in concert to make a single decision... by Elizabeth Lindhardt in Seed Magazine. Read the article.
     Posted by: wattawa
  • 3 ways the brain creates meaning

    By Tom Wujec "Last year at TED we aimed to try to clarify the overwhelming complexity and richness that we experience at the conference in a project called the Big Viz. And the Big Viz is a collection of 650 sketches that were made by two visual artists. David Sibbet from The Grove, and Kevin Richards...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Why cops should trust the wisdom of the crowds

    By Michael Bond "The protests that took place on the streets of London on the eve of the G20 summit in April lived up to many people's expectations. Around 2000 protestors turned up, and were heavily marshalled by police. There was a bit of trouble, but the police tactics - specifically, the...
     Posted by: A. J. Stasic
  • Calculating Consumer Happiness at Any Price

    By John Tierney "Could it be that humans are not quite as gullible as advertised? For a couple of decades now, social psychologists and behavioral economists have been amusing themselves manipulating consumers into doing odd things. They’ve delighted in debunking the notion of homo economicus, that...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • The New Interface of Governance

    The New Interface of Governance Frontier / by Nancy Scola "If we can just tweak the way we make choices, we can make smarter ones. A look at Obama’s plans to put the science of human nature to work. For those of us familiar with the strange land that is Washington, DC, it’s tempting to snicker a...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Poor Decision Making

    This article about economic decision making was written by one of our grant recipients, Sendhil Mullainathan. "All too often, the choices of the poor are viewed as a result of either some intrinsic failing (“they’re just very myopic people”) or some deep psychological feature of poverty (“they’re...
     Posted by: mcavanaugh
  • Swarm Savvy

    This article from Science News discusses recent research on collective behavior and decision-making in animals, which has interesting implications for researching human wisdom. "Of course honeybees don’t have a banking system, but they do exhibit collective behavior. The queen bee doesn’t decide...
     Posted by: mcavanaugh
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