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  • Spotlight on Science Diplomacy

    by Lorna Casselton and James Wilsdon for Seed Magazine "Last week, top scientists from more than 100 countries gathered in London for one of the biggest scientific meetings of the year: the InterAcademy Panel. Hosted by the Royal Society as part of its 350th anniversary celebrations, the Panel brings...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Faith, hope and clarity

    By Sholto Byrnes from NewStatesman. "The rate of HIV infection in Kenya is one of the highest in the world, but safer sex is at last being adopted – and it is religious groups that are leading the way, in a new spirit of openness and acceptance. An example of this is how the Channels of Hope-trained...
     Posted by: Cait
  • The Lost Wisdom of the Three Wise Men

    by Umberto Eco in The New York Times "Almost by chance I recently happened to witness two similar scenes: a 15-year-old girl who was engrossed in a book of art reproductions, and two 15-year-old boys who were enthralled to be visiting the Louvre. The parents of all three were nonbelievers and the...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • Justice, Wisdom and the Law School Curriculum

    On the Legal Profession Blog, Jeff Lipshaw discusses the relationships of concepts like justice and wisdom to the practice and teaching of law. "There's a theory in cognitive science ( Mark Turner 's, primarily, but I have to continue reading to know how he and Gilles Fauconnier collaborate...
     Posted by: wattawa
  • AEPL 2008 Summer Conference: Reclaiming the Wisdom Tradition for Education

    May 29 - June 1, 2008 in Monterey Bay, California Since the Enlightenment, public systems of education have tended to focus on the efficient transmission of acquired knowledge. Consequently, the deeper aim of education—the evocation of wisdom in the human person—has suffered a temporary eclipse. Wisdom...
     Posted by: brendah
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  • How Humanity Might Avoid Devastation (2015)

    We face grave global problems. One might think universities are doing all they can to help solve these problems. But universities, in successfully pursuing scientific knowledge and technological know-how in a way that is dissociated from a more fundamental concern with problems of living, have actually...
    (My publication) Posted by: NickMaxwell
  • On the High School Education of a Pithecanthropus Erectus (2014)

    This article examines our modern ways of schooling youth in light of philosophic and personal narrative accounts of "the Dionysian" aspect -- a term the author uses to understand his own experiences and aspirations as a high school English teacher. Having articulated the meaning of this term...
    (My publication) Posted by: sdsteel
  • Transformative Learning Through Conceptual Metaphors: Simile, Metaphor, and Analogy as Levers for Learning (2014)

    Abstract: This article presents findings from a research study wherein participants demonstrated the use of similes, metaphors, and analogies, termed conceptual metaphors, in response to disorienting dilemmas instigated by *** cancer. In this qualitative case study of 18 *** cancer survivors, conceptual...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
  • Global Philosophy: What Philosophy Ought to Be (2014)

    Global Philosophy: Preface Learning, Global Problems and Play These essays are about education, learning, rational inquiry, philosophy, science studies, problem solving, academic inquiry, global problems, wisdom and, above all, the urgent need for an academic revolution. Despite this range and diversity...
    (My publication) Posted by: NickMaxwell
  • Shamanic Daughters, Three-Minute Records, and “Deaducation” in Schools (2014)

    This article examines the meaning of transformative education by inviting readers to consider the relationship between shamanism, shamanic experience, teaching, and education. Where academic literature on this topic most commonly points to the similarities between teachers and shamans, this article focuses...
    (My publication) Posted by: sdsteel
  • The greatest magic of Harry Potter: Reducing prejudice (2014)

    Abstract: Recent research shows that extended contact via story reading is a powerful strategy to improve out-group attitudes. We conducted three studies to test whether extended contact through reading the popular best-selling books of Harry Potter improves attitudes toward stigmatized groups (immigrants...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
  • The Pursuit of Wisdom and Happiness in Education: Historical Sources and Contemplative Practices (2014)

    Explores the nature and role of wisdom in education. Modern scholarship has struggled to come to terms with the meaning of wisdom and its significance in the field of education. This book examines the importance of pursuing wisdom in schools by turning to ancient and medieval sources for clarification...
    (My publication) Posted by: sdsteel
  • "The Birth of Dionysian Education (out of the Spirit of Music)? Part One" (2014)

    Although much has been written about Nietzsche's views on education over the years, and much has also been written about Dionysus, the god of wine and ecstasy, very little attention has been given to the meaning of, and need for, a Dionysian education. This article is an attempt to begin that project...
    (My publication) Posted by: sdsteel
  • "On the Need for Dionysian Education in Schools Today" (2014)

    Although much has been written about Nietzsche's views on education over the years, and much has also been written about Dionysus, god of wine and ecstasy, very little attention has been given to the meaning of, and need for, Dionysian education. This article is an attempt to begin that project....
    (My publication) Posted by: sdsteel
  • The New Science of Wise Psychological Interventions (2014)

    Abstract: Citizens complete a survey the day before a major election; a change in the survey items’ grammatical structure increases turnout by 11 percentage points. People answer a single question; their romantic relationships improve over several weeks. At-risk students complete a 1-hour reading-and...
    (Something interesting I found) Posted by: brendah
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