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  • Are Scientists or Moviemakers the Bigger Dodos?

    by Abby Callard for Smithsonian "You were a tenured professor at the University of New Hampshire and you left to pursue filmmaking in Hollywood. Why? Storytelling. As I look back on the past 30 years, I realize that the single biggest thing that drew me into science were great scientists who told...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Am I my twin brother's keeper?

    by Christoffer van Tulleken from Times Online "I have a clone, something not only genetically identical to me but that has shared most of my experiences, up to the end of our time together at medical school. Having a clone can be a blessing and a curse. It can sire children on my behalf, but it...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Loneliness May Be Contagious

    By Lisa Grossman in Wired "Staying socially connected may be just as important for public health as washing your hands and covering your cough. A new study suggests that feelings of loneliness can spread through social networks like the common cold..." Read the article .
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Buckle Up Your Seatbelt and Behave

    by William Ecenbarger in Smithsonian "In the middle of the last century, Volvo began seeking improvements to seat belts to protect drivers and passengers in its vehicles. When the Swedish automaker tried a single strap over the belly, the result was abdominal injuries in high-speed crashes. The...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Perfect Strangers

    by Greg Laden in Seed "In the movie “Face/Off” when John Travolta and Nicolas Cage stared at each other following face-switching surgery, we were meant to understand that both men had a very uncanny feeling. Seeing a copy of oneself that isn’t quite oneself elicits an emotional response robotics...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Watch: Noam Chomsky + Robert Trivers

    Video production by Jacob Klein on Seed "In the 1970s, a Harvard class taught by Robert Trivers ignited a controversy that would escalate into the "sociobiology wars." Across town at MIT, Noam Chomsky had earned a reputation as a leading opponent of the Vietnam war. Throughout those pivotal...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • The Subconscious and Strategic Resource Recruitment

    by Daniel R. Hawes in Psychology Today "Research involving subliminal priming tends to instantly grab people's attention, I guess, because there is simply something very enticing, but simultaneously disturbing about the idea that the subconscious might have significant power over our conscience...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Deciding How to Decide

    by Greg Boustead in Seed "It all started with Cheerios. Jonah Lehrer was once again standing in a supermarket aisle, crippled by the thought of which variety of whole-oat goodness to buy: honey nut or apple cinnamon. “It was an embarrassing waste of time,” he says, “and yet it happened to me all...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Ability to Guess Others' Thoughts Tied to Language Proficiency

    by Nicole Branan in Scientific American "What’s this guy thinking? Does he know what I know? Most of us develop the ability to make inferences about what other people might be thinking, the hallmark of “theory of mind,” at age four. Scientists have long known that the acquisition of language plays...
     Posted by: nick stock
  • Does Evolution Explain Human Nature?

    The John Templeton Foundation organizes a series of conversations among leading scientists, scholars, and public figures about the "Big Questions." The current question under consideration is: Does evolution explain human nature? Follow this link to view: A video from the Templeton/ Discover...
     Posted by: wattawa
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