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  • Wisdom in business and management

    Center for Practical Wisdom Conducting business hinges on being able to make sound, smart decisions for moving a company forward. Does that mean business needs to be steeped in wise decision making and management practices? Ali Intezari and David Pauleen's book, Wisdom, Analytics and Wicked Problems...
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  • Wise Leadership - Professors Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka

    Cited by Deans Talk, A Discussion on Management Education , Harvard Business Review sat down with Hitotsubashi ICS Professor Emeritus Ikujiro Nonaka and former Hitotsubashi ICS dean Hirotaka Takeuchi (now professor at HBS) to talk about what it means to be a leader who does what is right not only for...
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  • Media Management in the Digital Age: Toward a Practical Wisdom-Based Approach (2017)

    Abstract: In this article we consider how the virtue of practical wisdom (prudence) rooted in the Aristotelian philosophy helps to develop a value-based media management in today’s age of digitalization. We argue that the integrative and the normative dimension of practical wisdom contribute to a wisdom...
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  • Conceptualizing Wise Management Decision-Making: A Grounded Theory Approach (2017)

    Abstract: This article investigates the role of wisdom in management decision-making. In one of the first empirical studies investigating wisdom and management, 37 CEOs, top managers, and senior executives were interviewed about their perspectives on the concept of wisdom in the business context and...
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  • Wisdom, management and organization (2014)

    Excerpt: From knowledge to wisdom Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? (Eliot (2001), The Four Quartets) Wisdom has enjoyed an inverted history; while it seemed to have been pre-eminent in ancient thought, it has, as civilization has ‘progressed...
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  • How is Creativity Best Managed? Some Empirical and Theoretical Guidelines (2013)

    Abstract: In an Internet-based study with an ethnically-diverse sample of 1,337 managers from 19 countries (mainly the US and Canada), eight managerial competencies that elicit creativity in subordinates were ranked according to how well they predicted desirable self-reported outcomes. The most valuable...
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  • High Altitude Leadership and the Humanbecoming Leading-Following Model An Executive Director’s Perspective (2012)

    Abstract: The concept of high altitude leadership and the humanbecoming leading-following model are explored from the perspective of the Executive Director of the South Dakota Board of Nursing. The humanbecoming essentials inherent in leading: commitment to a vision, willingness to risk, and reverence...
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  • The Wise Leader (2011)

    Abstract: In an era of increasing discontinuity, wise leadership has nearly vanished. Many leaders find it difficult to reinvent their corporations rapidly enough to cope with new technologies, demographic shifts, and consumption trends. They can’t develop truly global organizations that operate effortlessly...
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  • Knowledge, wisdom and intellectual leadership: a question of the future and knowledge-based sustainability (2009)

    David Rooney, Bernard McKenna Abstract: Important aspects of knowledge that are underresearched include links between knowledge, wisdom and leadership. This represents a research lacuna, which, if addressed, can help leaders develop knowledge-based strategies for future sustainability. Using a wisdom...
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  • Conceptions of Wisdom (2009)

    Abstract: This article reports exploratory research on the meanings associated with the concept of wisdom by two groups of intending information professionals. Concern for the limited success of knowledge management initiatives and the complexity and hyperturbulence of organizational environments has...
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  • Can we recognize the wise by the greater good they create?

    Recognizing the Wise in Contemporary Acts of the Greater Good Inspired by a desire to win back public confidence and trust, values that were lost in a mudslide of financial scandals, swindles, and corporate greed, students from the 2009 graduating class of Harvard Business School wrote the MBA Oath....
     Posted by: wattawa
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