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  • Fast and Frugal Heuristics: Tools of Social Rationality (2009)

    Ralph Hertwig and Stefan M. Herzog Homo economicus cannot help but be puzzled by people's baffling array of social behaviors that conflict with economic theory. To accommodate these “deviant” behaviors within the standard view of rationality, defined in terms of probability theory, logic and rational...
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  • The Cognitive-Ecological Approach to Rationality in Social Psychology (2009)

    Klaus Fiedler and Michaela Wänke The entire discipline of social cognition has been greatly influenced by the heuristics-and-biases research program, which was traditionally based on an internal attribution of bounded rationality to the individual's motives and resource limitations. The cognitive...
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  • Adaptive Rationality: An Evolutionary Perspective on Cognitive Bias (2009)

    Martie G. Haselton , Gregory A. Bryant , Andreas Wilke , David A. Frederick , Andrew Galperin , Willem E. Frankenhuis , Tyler Moore A casual look at the literature in social cognition reveals a vast collection of biases, errors, violations of rational choice, and failures to maximize utility. One is...
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  • Why Heuristics Work (2008)

    The adaptive toolbox is a Darwinian-inspired theory that conceives of the mind as a modular system that is composed of heuristics, their building blocks, and evolved capacities. The study of the adaptive toolbox is descriptive and analyzes the selection and structure of heuristics in social and physical...
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  • Can the unwise recognize wisdom?

    Wisdom grantees Michael Sargent and Shabnam Mousavi examine the question. Anchoring Judgment in Wise Principles Michael J. Sargent, Bates College, United States I’ve been asked to write a blog entry about a related pair of questions: “Can the unwise recognize wisdom?” and “Can one act wisely without...
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