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  • The Role of Therapist Self-Disclosure in Psychotherapy: A Qualitative Review. (2010)

    Jennifer R. Henretty, Heidi M. Levitt Over 90% of therapists self-disclose to clients (Mathews, 1989; Pope, Tabachnick, & Keith-Spiegel, 1987; Edwards & Murdock, 1994), however, the implications of therapist self-disclosure are unclear, with highly divergent results from one study to the next...
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  • Saving the world one patient at a time: Psychoanalysis and social critique (2009)

    Jennifer Tolleson In contrast to its revolutionary beginnings, the psychoanalytic discourse has abandoned its potential as a critical, dissident force in contemporary life. It is imperative, in our efforts to engage in socially responsible clinical practice, that we restore the sociocritical function...
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  • Mindfulness and Psychotherapy (2009)

    By Ann Gleig "This edited collection provides a useful and clear overview of the increasing adoption of mindfulness practice by psychotherapeutic and medical communities. Defining mindfulness as the "awareness of present experience with acceptance," the central question of this volume...
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  • The transformational experience of insight: A life-changing event (2004)

    The present study produces a model of insight, as generated by a grounded theory analysis of interviews with individuals who have reported experiencing life-altering insights. This model describes the initiation, unfolding, and manifestation of the insight as well as how change ensued in the lives of...
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  • How can we train people to become wise?

    Can we train professionals to become wise in their respective fields? Do we already do so in some professions, perhaps unwittingly? Baltes and colleagues have conducted a body of empirical work related to wisdom, some of which focuses on wisdom within different professions. For example, Smith, Staudinger...
     Posted by: wattawa
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